DECAR – 3.125 ( Carvedilol Tablets 3.125 mg )




Each film coated tablet contains:

  • Carvedilol BP 3.125 mg

Colour :

  • Titanium Dioxide

Dosage & Administration

    Dosage must be individualized and closely
    monitored by a physician during up –
    Titration. Prior to initation of Carvedilol
    the dosing of digitalis , diuretics and ACE
    inhibitor ( if used) should be stabilized.
    The recommended starting dose of carvedilol
    is 3.125 mg twice daily for two weeks. It
    this dose is tolerated, It can then be increased
    to 6.25 mg twice daily. Dosing should then be
    doubled evey 2 weeks to the highest level
    tolerated by the patient. At initiation of
    each new dose, patients should be observed
    for signs of dizzines or light – headedness
    for one hour. The maximum recommended dose
    is 25mg twice daily in patients weighing
    less than 85kg (187 lbs) and 50mg twice daily
    in patients weighing more than 85kg. Carvedilol
    sould be taken with food to slow the rate of
    absorption and reduce the incidence of orthostatic
    effects. Before each dose increase the patient
    sould be seen in the office and evaluted for
    symptoms of worsening heart failure, vasodilation
    ( dizziness , Light – headedness , symptomatic
    , hypotension) or bradycardia, in order to determine
    tolerability of Carvedilol. Transient worsening of
    heart failure may be treated with increased doses
    of diuretics although occasionally it is necessary
    to lower the dose of carvedilol or temporarily
    discontinue it. Symptoms of Vasodilation often
    respond to a reduction in the dose of diuretics
    or ACE inhibitor. If these changes do not relieve
    symptoms, the dose of Carvedilol may be decreased.
    The dose of Carvedilol should not be increased until
    symptoms of worsening heart failure or vasodilation
    have been stabilized. Initial difficulty with
    titration should not preclude later attemps to
    introduce carvedilol. If congestive heart failure
    patients experience bradycardia ( Pluse rate below
    55 beats /min), the dose of Carvedilol should be reduced.


  • Alu – Alu Blister pack of 10 tablets

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  • Elegant Drugs PVT Co.,Ltd