RABI – 20 ( Rabeprazole Sodium Tablets 20 mg )




Each enteric coated tablet contains:

  • Rabeprazole Sodium 20 mg

Colour :

  • Erythrosine, Titanium Dioxide

Dosage & Administration

  • Route : Oral
  • Adults / elderly :
    Active duodenal ulcer and active benign gastric
    ulcer : 20 mg to be taken once daily in the morning.
    Some patients with active duodenal ulcer may respond
    to one 15mg tablet to be taken once daily in the morning.
  • Erosive or ucerative gastro – oesophageal
    reflux disease (GORD) : 20mg to be taken once daily
    for four to eight weeks.
  • Gastro – oesophageal reflux disease
    long-term management (GROD Maintenance) : For
    longterm management up to 12 months, a maintenance
    dose of rabeprazole 15mg or 20mg once daily
    can be used.


  • Alu – Alu Blister pack of 10 tablets

Manufactured By

  • Elegant Drugs PVT Co.,Ltd